Fixers Services

We provide all kind of fixer services you may need, like location scouting, location management, filming permits, research, booking interviews.


We organize in the best and most cost-effective way the transport of your crews, casts and talents, with different solutions for all kind of needs. We can provide transfers, cars, vans, luxury vehicles, minibuses and buses, with or without drives.

Book accommodation

We know the best hotels and the most convenient locations for your stay. And we can get you special rates.

Gear rental

We can source and provide you all kind of gear you may need, like, cameras, lighting, grip and drones at the best prices.

Filming crew

We can provide fixers, production assistants, runners, cameramen, assistant cameras, gaffers, grips and key grips, journalists, hair stylists and make up artists.


We know there’s no time to waste when you’re filming. So, we can source the best catering solutions for each shooting or book restaurants in advance for each location.

Media content

We produce media content, like reports and documentaries, in different languages. We sell images of different events.